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Rio Perdido ~ Vacation in Costa Rica Package

All Inclusive Travel to Riu Perdido

Rio Perdido is located in Bagaces, Costa Rica, off Highway 1, 20km north of Cañas and 25km south of Liberia.


Flexible occupancy bungalow

While the feel of each bungalow is distinct, all of them offer the same features and amenities. The 362m (400 sq ft) consist of a cozy but very comfortable bedroom plus bathroom and an elevated terrace. The rooms have two mobile beds that are suspended on steel rails. This design allows them to be brought together so as to form a king-sized bed. One of these beds also has a trundle underneath, which is perfect for a third adult or a child. Additionally, there is also a day bed at the front corner, so, the room can accommodate a person travelling alone…honeymooners, parents with up to two children, and, in its max-cap, groups of 3 adults plus a young child. Hence, the term “flexible occupancy”.

Continuing with the idea of a flexible space, opposite from the beds there is a multiuse element which serves as a mini bar / coffee station, a desk area, a multimedia area (further described, below), and a closet area.

For those who simply can’t leave technology out of the equation (even in a place like this!), rooms are equipped with high-speed wireless Internet, Cable TV, and a high-efficiency air conditioning system

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Activities beyond Rio Perdido and The Reserve

Llanos del Cortés Waterfalls

Less than 20 miles from Rio Perdido is Guanacaste’s signature waterfall, which ironically, remains as unknown not only to visitors but also to the locals. It is an amazing place that may one day get its deserved attention, but in the meantime, we can have it practically to ourselves! The visit to Llanos de Cortes is recommended all year, but it is best from December to May.

Miravalles Volcano: Hike to the Crater (strenuous)

This hike is for avid hikers that are in good shape. It can be a very rewarding experience, as this unexploited volcano offers tremendous views towards coastal Guanacaste from up to 7000ft up (the crater is the tallest point in the province). The tour is only offered from January to April and is subject to the approval of the professional guides.

Volcanic mud body-painting

Just south of the main Rio Perdido (thermal canyon) access is a special hot river pool designated specifically for our signature volcanic mud treatment. The mud must be requested at reception, in advance. Guests are given the mud in natural, carved recipients and also given brushes. The mud is to be applied by your partner, yourself, friends, or anyone else up for the task. We recommend that you allow at least 10 minutes for the mud to properly dry prior to rinsing in the warm river. Please note that this particular, high-quality mud contains many natural compounds, including sulphur, which has a strong odor

White Water Tubing

Absorb the feel of the canyon from the most laid-back means of river transportation, the beloved inner-tube. At Rio Perdido, we employ modern equipment to comfortably and safely take you through a magical place. There are parts of the canyon where the rock walls narrow and daylight is scarce. Echoes grow louder and you really get a sense of where you are. But if you remain quiet for a bit, you will find that you are not alone. All kinds of birds and monkeys…and, occasionally, some larger mammals will announce their presence. Look for the hot water spouts along the eastern rock walls. Tubing at Rio Perdido is awesome.

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