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Testimonials from Imagine Tours Customers

Janet & Tim Swisher

NH Travel Agent Hawaii

Thank you so much for planning our wonderful  trip to Hawaii. We had such a great, memorable time. Everything you planned and set up was perfect; every flight, every excursion, all the transportation and the cruise was planned to perfection. There was nothing to worry about.

I've wanted to go to Hawaii for a long time, I knew it was beautiful but it actually took my breath away; we never would have gone without your planning it for us.

I tried to attach a few pictures, I hope they make it (I'm not very computer savvy).

We can't thank you enough for making out 10th anniversary so magical!!  Thanks, 

John Xiggoros

I have used imagine tours for over 25 years.  Every trip is perfectly planned and executed.  Karyn is amazing and unlike other sites she is there 24/7 if there is a need or problem. She just booked my 3rd trip to Riu Palace Aruba and as usual it was spot on.  I made several special requests and they were ready for me when I arrived.  To make it even better her pricing is extremely aggressive.  Thank you Imagine Tours!

John Riccio

Karyn recently booked my my honeymoon. Karyn was very knowledgable about various resorts and locations. She also had wonderful suggestions for excursions and day trips off the resorts. We are so glad we took her up on her advice because we made some everlasting memories on these great excursions. Karyn was also very accommodating and I was able to call her or email her 7 days a week. She also provided us with great identifiable luggage tags. They came in Handy when trying to make it through the airports! We will use Karyn for future trips and highly recommend Karyn! 

Sara Solinsky

We just recently went on vacation for our 10 year anniversary, travelling to Punta Cana, DR from September 13th to the 21st. We booked our trip through Karyn Fallon of Imagine Tours and had a great experience, start to finish, with everything that she handled for us. Karyn has booked all of our trips for us since before we were married, and she has always made sure everything was taken care of; airfare, transportation to and from the resort, and this past time also arranged a ride to and from the airport in the Boston for us.

This recent trip was our second to Punta Cana, the first time we went was when my husband proposed, and Karyn arranged that trip for us too! My husband and I are very indecisive when it comes to making travel plans, and never have a definite trip in mind, so thank you Karyn for working with us and always finding the best trip that you can!


Joe and Sue Curran

We have really enjoyed our association with Karyn. We have gone on 3 trips through Karyn so far and have a 4th scheduled for New Orleans in May. We have done Ireland, Cancun and Costa Rica. All of the trips so far were painless to plan and were just awesome. Karyn always helps and has amazing idea's. She also comes up with different places to try, not just the standard places to stay. Our Costa Rican trip was split between 2 resorts and was a lot of fun. We will continue to use Karyn in the future as we believe it is the smart thing to do!

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Ellen Flatley

Last August my friend and I booked a week's get-away to Dublin scheduled for March. Karyn was extremley helpful in all planning stages of the trip and made numerous suggestions to make it flawless. She was immediately accessible to help with our questions. Karyn had thoroughly explained the travel insurance policy during the plannning. As it happened, due to a medical illness, unfortunately, we had to cancel the trip just weeks before. As most people, I've opted for insurance previously but never had to go through the process. Once again, Karyn was there to answer any and all questions as was AIG travel insurance. Looking forward to planning the next trip and will definitely partner with Karyn.

Paula Gallant

When everyone wants to book themselves online, it's great to have Karyn on your side! We've priced out several packages on our own and asked Karyn to price out some as well, Karyn's prices always came back atleast the same as ours or even lower! The difference is Karyn was able to get us better accodmations and flights! Karyn always gets back to us immediatley and works diligently to get us the vacation we want!

Donald Jorgensen

We have used Karen's exceptional service as a travel agent for over 10 years. She has worked to get us the best deals available even if we only used her company for part of a larger package. She is the best we have used.


Sylvia and I had a great time at the El Dorado Royale. You and Jordan choose a wonderful spot to have a wedding and vacation.

The restaurants, staff, pools and accommodations were all outstanding! At check-in, we were upgraded, at no additional charge, to a suite with the connecting swimming pool canals. It was fun swimming to the main pools and meeting the neighbors.

We had dinner at the coolest restaurant I have ever been to - The Alux - in downtown Playa Del Carmen. The restaurant is located inside a cenote. We had to walk down about 100 feet to get to the dining area. I have attached a couple of pics.

Pat Hannigan

I have known Karyn for several years and she does an amazing job. I booked a trip to Vegas with her and it went off without a hitch. Karyn and her team are available 24/7 if there are any problems but I have never needed to use this service since she gets it right the first time. I would definitely recommend using Imagine Tours.

Chris Stephen

I have using Imagine Tours & Awesome Adventures for 12 or 13 years. She has always gone above and beyond to make sure I have a good experience before and after my trips. The first time I used Karyn I was trying to book a trip to St Thomas USVI to surprise my father with a deep sea fishing trip. I called Karyn after hearing her ad on the radio. She got back to me in a few days after taking the time to call the USVI Chamber of Commerce to speak with them about what boats had good reviews and which did not. Based on her recommendations we booked with the Marlin and had a fantastic trip. We have since fished with them 3 or 4 more times after that. Every time we have fished with them we have hooked Marlin. I don't believe that without her time and effort we would have had such a great time. Since that first trip with her I have booked several trips back to the Caribbean all Mexico, Las Vegas and San Diego. Every time she has found us the best value in four plus star resorts. I enjoy the ability to speak with her when ever I have questions or concerns and it is always the same person. Something you don't always have dealing with internet travel. I can't say enough positive with my experiences with Karyn and will continue to use her far into the future. The experience and advice she brings to our travel you won't find anywhere else.

John Acquaviva

I just finished my 4th trip booked by Karyn and Imagine Tours and once again I was happy with the entire trip. Karyn took the time to help me sort through all the resorts and find the one that best suited me and my guests. We never had to do any of the bookings on our own. The all-inclusive options, the airfare and all the details were taken care of before we left the house. I was quite happy with all the follow-up calls to see that we were ready and she always asks how everything went when we return. Everything was presented before the trip, documents always arrived on time and I was always amazed how many things were included such as transfers and insurance. She always is sure to customize the experience no matter who my travel partners are. I can highly recommend Karyn and Imagine Tours and Awesome Adventures.

Mark LaSalle

Excellent service all expectations were met.

Nancy Ross

Karyn is amazing! I have been using her for over 8 years now. She is full of knowledge when it comes to travel. She is very accommodating and works hard to please her customers. I wouldn’t travel anywhere without booking through Karyn. I place 100% trust in her. I have gone on destinations to many countries from my Honeymoon to pure Caribbean and Jamaican experiences with my family. Thank you Karyn! We love you. XOXO

D & M 35th Anniversary

Imagine Tours Customers Since 2008

This place was amazing — best service of any resort I have been too. The place was immaculate — all we did was eat, drink and sleep. It was the most relaxed I have ever been on vacation — which I needed.

We spent almost every day on the beach. There is a lot of seaweed but it is right on the shore, so all you have to do is walk through it and the water is clear. They also had trucks running every day all day cleaning the seaweed off the beach.

I would definitely do the excellence club again — private beach with great service. We even ordered food form the beach. The rooms were great but the private pool on the roof was unnecessary — barely used it.

Almost everyone we met had been there multiple times (one couple 14 times) or was already planning on booking for next year.

We did a catamaran snorkeling trip — which was lots of fun, good snorkeling and walked around the island for awhile.

Otherwise we really felt no need to leave the resort. The spa was great — massage and hydro-therapy.

Lauren & Kevin

Karyn was just absolutely incredible! She focused on what we wanted(a no kids, romantic resort), and stayed within our budget. She had a lot of input on good places, and experience with the resorts. There was NO pressure to buy a trip from her, it was nice to get all the info and pricing without an obligation. The room and resort she helped us book were absolutely amazing!

Repeat Customer

Karen has been booking all my vacations for over 5 years since she coordinated our daughter’s beautiful destination wedding in Mexico. She seems to have the “inside scoop” on the all-inclusives we book – food, entertainment, activities, etc. Either by personal experience or her network. She has never let us down and we have always stayed at fun beautiful resorts — Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Antigua, Aruba and of course Mexico!

Sharon Vernaci

This year I was fortunate enough to be able to take my granddaughter on her first trip to Italy. I cannot tell you how impressed and pleased with all the work and attention to detail that Karyn put into this trip. It was everything my granddaughter and I could have hoped for and more. She went out of her way putting together our tours, drivers, guides and accommodations. Doesn’t get better than that! Karyn never disappoints and goes out of her way to provide a worry free vacation. My sincere thanks to you Karyn from both Gianna and myself.

Deb and Bill

Karyn did a wonderful job organizing our “first time” cruise. We never could have gotten all the details together. It was a pleasure working with her.

Kelly and Nick

Our Bahamas wedding was absolutely amazing…everything I could have imagined and more. The resort is gorgeous and the staff is so great…very friendly, extremely helpful, and just overall NICE. The beach is beautiful and not crowded, and the ceremony location we chose was perfect. The food…ohmygosh, the food!…was so delicious and my favorite part of the trip was the candlelight dinner on the beach. Ever After made it so easy to plan my destination wedding….I really didn’t have to worry about anything. Karyn provided me with suggestions and was very knowledgeable about each resort we looked at. I am so happy she suggested Emerald Bay…..they made my dream wedding come true!

Dru & Bob Kownacki

We wanted to thank you for all you did to make Jason and Allison’s wedding a great success. Everyone had a great time. The venue was ideal, the travel and resort arrangements were perfect as was the beach and weather.

Many of our guests commented that this was the best wedding they had ever attended. I would have to agree.

Bob & I were upgraded to a wonderful suite with a gorgeous view of the beach. We just loved it. The private limo was a great extra!

If anyone is looking for a venue for their destination wedding I would definitely recommend the Il Dorado Maroma.

Melissa Mission

I cannot say enough good things about Karyn! When looking for a travel planner so many worries were going through my head. I talked to several different people at once, not being satisfied with anyone. I have numerous calls from different companies, one straying me away from my ideal spot, and another ignoring all my messages. I kept thinking to myself, there going to cheap me out of my money, I’m going to settle for something I don’t want, and I’m going to regret all my decisions. I wanted someone who would ease that stress, then I found Karyn with Imagine Tours! I must tell you planning with her has been a blast, and like I had wished STRESS FREE. I had even offered to pay her a tip for her time, and she refused. If you want someone who enjoys what she does, takes time out of her schedule to answer any questions or concerns you might have, she is for you! She does well to organize exactly what you ask for within budget, and even sends you extras for your trip to help others help you towards that dream vacation your wishing for! If you tell her you want to go to Rome she will make it happen! Karyn If your reading this, I cannot thank you enough. We haven’t gone on our trip to Costa Rica yet and have already recieved great service, I cannot even imagine what It’ll be like once we are there! And I do not regret absolutely anything with booking with her. Any trip that I plan on doing will be with Karyn!…

Heather Averill

I would highly recommend using Karyn at Imagine Tours & Awesome Adventures for all of your planning and travel needs. I have booked several trips through Karyn and she has always been a pleasure to work with. She is very professional yet personable and always willing to help find the best destination for your trip, even when you don’t know what you’re looking for yourself. I love that’s she well-traveled and can offer honest opinions based on her own experiences and experiences of her customers. Karyn truly takes the time to understand what you are looking for in your vacation…whether it be relaxation on a beautiful beach, a family trip filled with lots of activities and excursions or a trip on a budget. I have always been a do it yourself type of traveler, researching and booking all of my own vacations, until I met Karyn about 6 years ago. Now even when I find a great deal on my own, I feel compelled to call Karyn to get her thoughts. I always feel confident that I’m going to a nice place if Karyn’s blessed it, you can’t always say the same about travel reviews you read online. A lot of people think that using a travel agent means that the trip is going to cost more well I can assure you that’s not the case!! Although I’ve never had to reach out to Karyn on any of my trips, there is a true sense comfort knowing that if something goes wrong she’ll be there to help! I couldn’t see myself using anyone else for my travel needs and would encourage anyone that’s looking for an amazing vacation, without the second guessing, to use Karyn – you’ll be happy you did!! Thank you Karyn for all of the time and effort you put in to assure my travels are always enjoyable! I can’t wait for Jamaica in November!

Allison and Jason

Destination Wedding Travel Packages
We had a great time! Everything was absolutely perfect. The staff was amazing, they were so friendly and attentive. Our guests had a great time, they all loved the resort and cannot wait to go back! Jason and I can’t wait to go back too! I can’t say enough about how amazing it was! Thank you so much for all your hard work, everything went off without a hitch.

Autumn and Sean S.

Sean and I were married on February 26, 2011 in Costa Rica at the Riu Guanacaste.  It was an amazing day, every detail turned out even better than we hoped for.

Sean and I are impressed with Karyn Rae Fallon, our wedding planner.  Just to sum it up, we plan to use Karyn for all of our future travel plans, even if it’s just two hours up the road to Washington DC or Virginia Beach.  She is awesome.  It helped that she was fun to talk to for the past five months of wedding travel planning, but the quality of her recommendations for hotels and activities was exceptional.

Karyn suggested the Riu because it fit our budget and she said the hotel was a beautiful spot, and she was right.  All our 20 guests were mesmerized with the scenery at the resort, the rooms were pleasing and the food was plentiful and delicious.

Not only did Karyn help us plan a wedding location which I would have only thought possible in my wildest dreams, but she helped my husband plan a 7 day honeymoon across most of Costa Rica full of surprises that I will always remember. The hotels she recommended were beautiful and had some of the best food in Costa Rica and I think in the world!  The shuttles that she coordinated between adventures were so prompt and reliable which made for a stress-free experience that we really needed after months of wedding planning.

We truly enjoyed all the unique places she introduced to us, especially the Pacuare Lodge where we can’t wait to visit again soon.  We had such a special week-long adventure together; I actually cried when we were leaving Costa Rica.

What started out in September 2010 as a Google search on the internet for destination wedding planning has resulted for us in February 2011 a memory of a very special, intimate wedding experience.  Furthermore, we now have a great relationship with someone will will look to for years for all our travel plans together as a married couple.  Sean and I want to thank you for making our wedding dream come true.

Keionnie S.

Karyn was such a knowledgeable Destination Wedding Specialist for my wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on May 19, 2011. Initially, we had our minds set on getting married in Spain at a beach resort. Our first Destination Wedding Specialist struggled to accommodate our request as she was having trouble finding a reputable vendor to coordinate a symbolic ceremony.

After several weeks of back and forth calls, I decided it was best to switch to a coordinator who was more experienced and knowledgeable to guide us through the process and help us make the best decision for our wedding. I was switched over to Karyn Fallon and right from the start, she began tackling our requests, providing us with information immediately so we could make an informed decision.

After reviewing several options, Karyn had completed coordinated our wedding/honeymoon trip in one weekend. We decided to get married in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic at the Paradisus Punta Cana and honeymoon in Barcelona, Spain. Karyn did an excellent job of selecting accommodations that offered luxury and affordability. She was very professional and courteous, answering all questions and always notifying me if she would be away.

I had a wonderful trip and definitely plan to work with Karyn in the future!

Thank you so much for your superior service on my special day! 

Laurie M.

Karyn has been the best travel agent we have ever worked through, and making many unusual international trips, this says a lot! She has been creative in helping us with some out of the ordinary trips, diligent in her follow up, and very important, assisted in finding us discounted fares and lower pricing than other agents. Karyn has been a tremendous source of support and I trust her judgment and follow through.

From The Knot – We just booked our HONEYMOON!!!

13 nights in Costa Rica and 11 of those nights are all inclusive and the other two are at a 5 star hotel woo hoo I couldn’t be happier right now. I know a lot of you have been asking about travel agents lately. We were initially planning on booking ourselves, but I had met a travel agent at one of the bridal shows. Well I talked to her for awhile and told her she was more than welcome to get us some pricing and we’d take a look. It turns out it was a very good think I picked up her call!!! She is getting us pretty much the same pricing if not better than we could have done ourselves online, probably better because the 2 non inclusive nights are at a really nice 5 star hotel. She is available 24 hrs a day while we’re gone in case anything goes wrong. She also has someone on the ground in Costa Rica to help with any problems that may arise. She also can book Tours, and does Honeymoon Registries. For those interested Her name is Karyn from Imagine Tours.”

Hi Karyn!

Your name was mentioned on as someone who could help us plan an amazing Costa Rica honeymoon! Our wedding is August 16, 2008, and we are looking for a good mix of adventure and romance within a 10 day honeymoon. One of our biggest decisions in deciding on a honeymoon was location, due to the fact that we are getting married in peak hurricane season! We really wanted a beautiful, affordable location that provided a lot of adventure as well, so right now we are very interested in Costa Rica, and we would love to find a travel agent that can help us plan our dream vacation!

Kory & Samantha

Samantha and I just returned from our honeymoon on Monday, and everything was absolutely perfect!!  I just wanted to say thank you so much for the recommendation of Valentin, as you thought we absolutely loved it!  The resort was gorgeous and we had an amazing time!  One amazing thing we found about the resort were the photographers that they have around, they took amazing pictures!   We were quite impressed by the food.  The final night of our stay we did a dinner on the beach which I would highly recommend, our table was set up 10-15′ away from the surf right on the sand, extremely romantic!  The food was about the same as any where else on the resort, but the atmosphere was well worth the extra expense.

We ended up doing two tours while we were down there as well, a snorkel trip through Barakuda, the group that runs the dive center on the resort, and also a swim with the dolphins trip through Olympus with Dolphin Discovery.  The swim with the dolphin experience was very cool and definitely something I would do again!

Once again thank you so much for pointing us in the direction you did, it was such an amazing week!

Christopher & Courtney’s Honeymoon Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic HoneymoonOur first day of marriage was a trying one. As we were packing on Sunday to leave on our honeymoon in Mexico, breaking news regarding the flu outbreak started making headlines. As the situation worsened I decided to call Karyn as I did not think traveling to Mexico was a good idea. Karyn agreed and suggested Dominican Republic instead. Unfortunately this was Sunday afternoon, less than 12 hours from our scheduled departure to Mexico. There was no manager at the resort in Mexico to approve a refund for our cancellation and no manager at the resort in Dominican Republic to confirm if space was available. Neither resort could give Karyn an indication of whether they could accommodate our requests until Monday. Regardless, Karyn was confident that she could take care of it Monday morning we were traveling, so we got on a flight headed to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with no ideas where we were staying!! We landed and called Karyn to see what she was able to do. Much to our DELIGHT, there was a car waiting for us and they took us straight to the Paradisus Palma Real in Punta Cana. This is a BEAUTIFUL resort that was absolutely perfect and just what we had hoped for. Once we got settled in we learned that Karyn had also gotten us a FULL refund from the Mexico hotel that cancelled hours before arriving! We were able to relax and enjoy our honeymoon. Karyn’s professionalism and willingness to help under trying circumstances was the only reason it all worked out for us. We highly recommend Imagine Tours and Awesome Adventures.  Thanks Again Karyn! Christopher & Courtney